Scenic photo of Venice Italy with outdoor laundry

Inspired by Italy

Brenta was founded by two brothers who grew up between Italy and New York City with artist and jeweler parents. Named for the river running through their hometown of Bassano del Grappa, Brenta is bringing premium, 100% Italian designed and manufactured belts to waistlines worldwide.

Belt editorial image - Italian Leather Belts - Yellow, White, Blue - Brenta

Elevating everyday style

What started out as a search for quality accessories, turned into an exploration of the brothers' shared personal and professional lives. Brenta’s exacting standards, unique approach to fashion, and superior quality are inspired by the family heritage and business. Brenta is Italian by design.

Belt production image - Italy - patterns

Responsibly made

All of our products are made by small, family-owned businesses in Italy. Our leather is sustainably sourced from tanneries that use a natural, metal-free dying process, which is easier on the environment. Vegetable tanning is a centuries-old process that uses natural tannins from bark and other plant-based sources to tan leather for use in everything from belts to bags to furniture. We are committed to only using leather that is a by-product of food consumption. As such we never use fur, exotic skins, or calfskins.

Behind the scenes